Our Story

We have always had our individual loves for creating. Whether that was in the photo/video realm, or in other things like cooking, typography, painting, building, etc. When we had started our relationship together, we realized that we loved creating even more when we were able to do it together. People often asked us why we didn't do photography or videography as a team - when we realized we never had an answer, we decided to go for it. We have a passion for capturing people's story, and we want to capture yours.

Behind The Name

Our name actually comes from the beginning of our story.

Samantha's family goes camping every summer, and one year David joined. It was his first time camping with them, and it was at the end of this trip that David got her dad's blessing, and he asked her to officially be his girlfriend.

The road we happened to be on when this happened was called Forest Route HWY. This place has become very special to us, even more so than before. We wanted it to be part of us as we journey into working together as husband and wife.